Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - HF Mar 27-29, 2010 - Mid Atlantic

Our regular MMP reporter Ron P in the Mid Atlantic checks in again with his latest installment of military and government HF logs. All times UTC and Frequencies in kHz.

27 Mar:

10816.5 T69ME1 (poss US Army 69th Medical Detachment, Ft Bragg NC): 1600 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding on 04490.0 USB.

28 Mar:

08171.5 A3L & F2H (poss US Army): 1250 USB/ALE sounding.

08864.0 Gander (MWARA NAT A): 1323 USB w/DeeCee 94 (KC-135R, 756th ARS Andrews AFB MD-not heard) w/position report.

08047.0 HAM (Virginia ArNG, Hampton Roads VA): 2000 USB/ALE sounding.

29 May:

04490.0 KFW652 (Unid SHARES station, West Virginia): 1145 USB/A:E sounding.

04490.0 KGD34 (SHARES Master Coordination Station:Arlington, VA): 1155 USB/ALE sounding.

17458.5 I10ODN (Nat'l Guard entity at Idaho State EOC, Boise ID): 1815 USB/ALE calling A100KN (Nat'l Guard entity at Alaska State EOC, Ft Richardson AK).

17458.5 I10ODN (Nat'l Guard entity at Idaho State EOC, Boise ID): 1825 USB/ALE calling HQ703N (Nat'l Guard Readiness Center, Arlington VA).

08110.0 O/M (Spanish): 2030 USB w/O/M (Spanish).

08957.0 Shannon: 2100 USB w/volmet.

08918.0 New York (MWARA CAR-B): 2101 USB w/Cactus 1060.

04593.5 AFA2BQ (USAF MARS NCS): 2320 USB w/USAF MARS net check-ins for training session #32-also discussing current severe wx (rain/flooding) in the Northeast US: AFA1VY; AFA1EH; AFA2QB; AFA2HC; AFA1TY; AFC1RD; AFA3RF; AFA1AR; AFA1MA; AFA2AC; AFA2QZ; AFA2VB; AFA2RQ; AFA2NY; AFA2ZQ; AFA3VZ; AFA3DJ; AFA3AA; AFA3EM: AFA3TM; AFA3HQ; AFA3AE; AFA3FG; AFA3JP; AFA3EC; AFA1CW; AFA1IN; AFA5WE; AFA3CQ; AFA1HS.