Thursday, August 11, 2011

Contact lost with hypersonic glider after launch

The Associated Press is reporting that contact has been lost with an unmanned hypersonic glider. The craft was developed for U.S. defense research into super-fast global strike capability and was launched atop a rocket early Thursday but contact was lost after the experimental craft began flying on its own, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency said.

According to the AP story, "It was the second of two planned flights of a Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2. Contact was also lost during the first mission."

The small craft is part of a U.S. military initiative to develop technology to respond to threats at 20 times the speed of sound or greater, reaching any part of the globe in an hour.

The HTV-2 is designed to be launched to the edge of space, separate from its booster and maneuver through the atmosphere at 13,000 mph before intentionally crashing into the ocean.

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