Monday, May 14, 2012

Air Show Report - Great Tennessee Air Show Smyrna

received the following great air show report from Joe Cobb in Nashville. He reported on a new previously unknown Leap Frogs UHF frequency. Thanks for sharing with the Milcom MP readers Joe.

Air Show review:

Saturday was a good day. It rained early then remained cloudy but high clouds so a low show could be performed. The static display lineup was much better than last year. Unfortunately the weather on Sunday didn't cooperate fully and really killed the crowd which is unfortunate because I thought the show organizers really tried to make it a good show despite not having any single ship demos. However, on Sat SLAM 1, a flight of two B-1B's, made their way from Nellis to our area for SLAM 1 only to make three passes which were AWESOME! From here he rejoined SLAM 2 orbiting and they headed to Dyess. The close call on my 396XT happened to snag SLAM a/a after he was out of sight headed to rejoin #2. I was very pleased with the 396 coupled with the Watson Air Gainer antenna. All the performers were top notch. On Sunday the Blues performed a flat show.

Frequencies (same for both days)

132.35----Air Boss
122.125--Blue Angels/John Klatt A/A for photo shoot*
123.475--All aerobatic planes A/A for photo shoot*
461.0375--Leap Frogs **
256.15-----SLAM 1 A/A with SLAM 2 (close call hit)
305.9------Blue Angels/Ernie Demo
346.5------Blue Angels/Check list, Taxi Out
284.25----Blue Angels/Show Center (All)
275.35----Blue Angels/Off Center (Diamond)
237.8------Blue Angels/Off Center (Solos)
139.8125--Blue Angels Maint
142.6125--Blue Angels Tower Observer
172.15-----TSA roaming the grounds (P25)

Notes: * Photo Shoots were done on Thursday. ** Unusual frequency for the Leap Frogs but sure enough that was them.
Flying Displays:

Ernie (Blue Angel 9)
Blue Angels 1-6
B-1B (SLAM 1), #86-0105, 3 passes
Michael Wiskus (Pitts S-2C), N49TA
John Klatt (Extra 300), N530JK
Rob Holland (Extra 300), N540JH
F4U Corsair, N179PT
P-51D Mustang, N51HY
Static Displays:

KC-10A, 305th AMW, McGuire, #84-0188
KC-135R, 134th ARW, Knoxville, #57-1428
WC-130H, 118th AW, Nashville, #64-14861
C-5A, 164th AW, Memphis, #69-0010
MH-60S, HSC-2, Norfolk, #165744/HU-715
MH-53E, HM-14, Norfolk, #163069/BJ-555
AH-1W, HMLA-773, Robins, #165290/MP-03
UH-1N, HMLA-773, Robins, #158269/MP-12
UH-60A, 278th ACR, Smyrna, #????
UH-72A, ????????, Smyrna, #?????
F-15C, 159th FW, New Orleans, #78-0510/JZ
F-15C, 159th FW, New Orleans, #81-0041/JZ
F-5N, VFC-13, Fallon, #761528/AF-06
F/A-18C, VFA-94, Lemoore, #164202/410
F/A-18C, VFA-94, Lemoore, #164223/402
CF-188, 425 Sq, Bagotville, #188790
L-39, Private, N6175C
T-38A, 394th CTS, Whiteman, #64-13256/WM
T-6B, TAW-5, Whiting Field, #166114/E-114
T-45C, TAW-2, Kingsville, #167099/B-321
T-45C, TAW-2, Kingsville, #167098/B-320
F/A-18E, VFA-86, Lemoore, #166951/NH-401