Thursday, March 13, 2014

Update: Malaysian Airline 370 SAR Freqs

Personal monitoring and reports from UDXF members indicate the following frequencies associated with the mystery disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight 370 search and rescue effort are being used.

All frequencies are kHz and mode is USB

5655.0 SEA-2 MWARA
5680.0 Intl SAR
5708.0 Japanese CG
6556.0 SEA-2 MWARA 
8942.0 SEA-2 MWARA 
11396.0 SEA-2 MWARA
The 8942.0 kHz on the Hong Kong remote is especially productive during the a.m. hours local here on the east coast of the U.S.
Due to these being night time low end frequencies which require a darkness path for reception, I recommend using the Hong Kong remote receiver at Global Tuners ( to get closer to what is happening there in southeast Asia.

Update from my twitter feed post : Press reports this a.m. indicate that SAR for MH370 expanding into IO. Add INO-1 MWARA 3476.0 5634.0 8879.0 13306.0 kHz USB to your monitor list.