Friday, April 07, 2017

More Mystery US Registered Aircraft Over Iraq

Peter Harley, who follows our @MilcomMP twitter feed posted yesterday about a probable fake US registration/hex code. The registration N11710/A048C8 in the FAA database is reserved to NCH Flight Services in Tampa FLA. Of course a Google search drew a complete blank. Spec Ops or a three letter agency would be my best guess.

And now today Peter Harley posted on his twitter feed (@PeterHarley20) that he has spotted another mystery US aircraft registration flying over Iraq. Like yesterday's registration/hex code this one it is not a current US registered airframe.

The aircraft was seen flying over the same area as above using the registration N5064N with a hex code of A6532B. The FAA database says this registration is cancelled and not assigned. So is this an aircraft that was sold to some entity in Iraq and they have not replaced the US credentials with Iraqi reg? Or is this something else such as what I mentioned above, Spec Ops or an aircraft from a three letter US agency?