Sunday, September 10, 2017

Are you interested in the Monitoring Times Milcom column archives?

Blog Post Update: Looks like we will go into work on a new e-book for Amazon - the MT Milcom archives. Poll indicated a lot of interest. Will announce here on the Milcom MP blog when it is ready.

I was a columnist at Monitoring Times magazine for 31 years until it folded in 2013. During that time in addition to the dozens of features articles and equipment reviews, I wrote several regular monthly columns for MT including: Signals From Space, Utility World, Service Search, What's New, Ask Larry and the Milcom column which ran from 1998-2013.

I'm taking a poll of my readers here to see how many would be interested in purchasing the complete Milcom column archive in e-Book format. We would published at Amazon and you do NOT have to purchase a Kindle e-Book reader to search, view and read this e-Book. The price would be less than $10 depending on the final page count. Sorry, but we can't offer a printed version since it would not be economical to print the hundreds of pages involved. While some of the early frequencies may no longer be valid due to band plan shifts, there is a lot of material that would still be of interest to the Milcom radio enthusiast.

So, I am interested in seeing how many of my blog readers would purchase this e-Book and if there is enough interest, we will start the production project to publish it. We have a poll for you to take to express your interest in this project. Please take it and let us know here at Teak Publishing if you are interested by taking that poll.