Friday, November 17, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Jack Metcalfe KY: November 14-16, 2017

5265.0 Unid station with 300BPS encypted MIL-STD 188-110A data: 1530 UTC in USB (14/NOV/2017) (JLM)

10805.0 US Military station ROC1ROC calling COC1COC. IIRC, the USMC has been heard here in the past: 1608 UTC in USB ALE (14/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7554.5 NCS952, South Carolina EOC, Columbia SC transmitting at 25 watts into a NVIS antenna from their EOC parking lot. In comms with NCS359, NCC Auxiliary, Crossville, TN on the SHARES Southeast Region network. NCS952 said they were fully participating in the GRIDEX IV exercise (see below). Great signals from both stations at my location: 1617 UTC in USB voice (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)


10424.0 After two stations linked on this FEMA DACN frequency, one station came up in clear voice as ALPINE ROSE & called AXLE ROD. No response from AXLE ROD & ALPINE ROSE returned to scan: 1657 UTC in USB ALE & voice (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

12168.0 US Military station NOMADLONGKNI calling & linking with NRED2LONGKNI: 1847 UTC in USB ALE(15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

10429.5 Unid station in ANDVT, then switched to MIL-STD 188-110A (2400BPS voice). A nearby RTTY station interfered somewhat: 1915 UTC in USB (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

10600.0 Unid station 920001 sounding: 1934 UTC in USB ALE (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

14403.5 US Military station N66LONGKNI calling HHTCPLONGKNI: 2014 UTC in USB ALE (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

10151.5 US Military station N66LONGKNI calling & linking with HHTCPLONGKNI: 2024 UTC in USB ALE(15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

9121.0 MAN, UT NG, 1-145th Field Artillery BN, Manti, UT& TOO, UT NG, 1457th Engineer Combat BN, Tooele, UT sounding: 2052-2108 UTC in USB ALE (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7554.5 WQIP716, Cisco Systems, Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC requesting retransmit of SHARES GRIDEX IV data message at 1000L (MT63-1KL). Message heard here at 100% copy: 2132 UTC in USB voice & MT63-1KL (15/NOV/2017) (JLM)

4417.0 US Military aircraft with target coordinates for unid ground station. Said he was "climbing out" & would be RTB in 20 minutes: 0212 UTC in USB voice (16/NOV/2017) (JLM)