Friday, June 22, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Jack in Kentucky 22 Jun 2018

Thanks to our old friend Jack Metcalfe in KY for this HF Mil/Gov Field Report.

10168.0 USCG cutters  KIMBALL & MIDGETT running clear voice & "cipher" tests on this Rohde & Schwarz test frequency. Heard on this frequency a couple of weeks ago running the same tests: 1444 UTC in USB voice, ALE & ANDVT (18/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

9120.0 US Military stations NIGHTHAWK 12 & 13 with clear voice radio checks & ANDVT. tests: 1456 UTC in USB voice & ANDVT (18/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

7451.0 US Military station ANB3 sending a AMD message to ANHQ. Normally these stations use 7449.6: 1619 UTC in USB ALE (18/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

5800.0 575 BRAVO, Tennessee National Guard HQ, Nashville, TN calling "any station this net" for a radio check. Multiple calls, but no replies: 1322 UTC in USB voice (19/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

7938.0 WinMor transmissions from USAF MARS stations AFB2NY & AFA4VY: 1333 UTC in USB (19/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

5955.0 WFRA201, probably a US Government DHS station, sounding. Another likely DHS station, WQRA200, also sounds here regularly: 1615 UTC in USB ALE (19/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

11226.0 Unid USAF (?) station ATC calling numerous USAF stations (see below). ATC linked a couple of times with OFF, but there were no follow-on communications. The ATC address never appeared again on the ALE net after 1519 UTC: 1343-1519 UTC in USB ALE (21/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

[15:09:22][FRQ 03137000][TO][PLA][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 30 SN 04
[15:08:54][FRQ 04721000][TO][PLA][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 30 SN 11
[15:08:26][FRQ 05708000][TO][PLA][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 30 SN 09
[15:07:58][FRQ 06721000][TO][PLA][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 29 SN 05
[15:04:38][FRQ 03137000][TO][HIK][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 29 SN 05
[15:04:09][FRQ 04721000][TO][HIK][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 26 SN 10
[15:03:41][FRQ 05708000][TO][HIK][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 30 SN 12
[14:56:02][FRQ 04721000][TO][OFF][TWS][ATC][AL0] BER 30 SN 12
[14:56:00][FRQ 04721000][TO][ATC][TIS][OFF][AL0] BER 30 SN 09
[14:55:57][FRQ 04721000][TO][OFF][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 29 SN 12
[14:55:28][FRQ 05708000][TO][OFF][TIS][ATC][AL0] BER 29 SN 09

9031.0 US Military ABCP aircraft AGGREGATE (male op) & CULMINATE (female op) in voice comms reference AGGREGATE not receiving data tones from CULMINATE. AGGREGATE tried transmitting to CULMINATE, but no joy either: 1733 UTC in USB voice (21/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

8035.0 Possible Mexican Naval stations 1RMP3 & CG23B1 calling each other, but not linking on this frequency: 0003 UTC in USB ALE (22/JUNE/2018) (JLM)

7510.0 US Army station UNIFORM 5 VICTOR calling US Army station ALPHA 2 ZULU for a radio check. Both stations were heard here, but they never made contact with each other by voice. They switched to ALE AMD, made contact & passed two messages, then shut down. ALE addresses USDA1010 & USAIS1012, respectively: 0050-0055 UTC in USB ALE & voice (22/JUNE/2018)
Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
RFSpace Cloud-IQ SDR (x2) & Icom IC-R75 (x2) HF receivers
Icom IC-R8500 HF/VHF/UHF receiver & Icom IC-R5 VHF/UHF receiver
Uniden BCD996T, Uniden BCD996XT & AOR-8200 VHF/UHF receivers
342' random wire & Wellbrook ALA1530LNP HF antennas
SAMCO SAM-360 Yagi, Kreco D-150AN & GP-151AN VHF/UHF antennas