Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Russian Military Navsat Status Report

In the October 2006 issue of my Monitoring Times Milcom magazine column, I covered a lot of the easy satellites there are to hear in the radio spectrum. One of those is the Russian "Cosmos" military navsats that transmit in the 150 and 400 MHz portions of the spectrum. You can get a reprint of that article from the folks at Monitoring Times. It will also be available soon on CD-ROM on the 2006 MT Anthology.

In the article I covered modulation and decoding information on these military navsats.

But as an exclusive for my blog readers, here is my latest Russian Navsat constellation status report based on monitoring from my Btown Monitoring Post:

Russian Parus Military Navasat Constellation Status
Freq (MHz) Int Desig (SSC #) Name

149.910/399.760 2003-023A (27818) Cosmos 2398, Orbital Plane 2
149.940/399.840 2001-023A (26818) Cosmos 2378, Orbital Plane 6
149.970/399.920 2004-028A (28380) Cosmos 2407, Orbital Plane 1
149.970/399.920 2005-002A (28521) Cosmos 2414, Orbital Plane 4
150.030//400.080 1998-076A (25590) Cosmos 2361, Orbital Plane 5