Thursday, September 24, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - Sep 16-23 2009 - Mid Atlantic

Our old friend and MMP reporter Ron checks in again with some more great HF blog logs from his Mid Atlantic listening post. Thanks Ron for sharing. All times are UTC and frequencies in kHz.

16 Sep

08502.0 US Coast Guard: 2320 USB w/automated wx broadcast. (RP-MD)

08764.0 US Coast Guard: 2325 USB w/automated wx broadcast.(RP-MD)

05550.0 New York (MWARA CAR-A): 2345 USB w/various acft. (RP-MD)

08900.0 O/M (Spanish): 2358 USB w/O/M (Spanish). (RP-MD)

17 Sep

09462.0 FC8FEM006 (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 8 Denver CO): 1800 USB/ALE sounding. (RP-MD)

10202.0 119CDCS05 (unid Center for Disease Control entity): 1700 USB/ALE sounding.(RP-MD)

08888.8 O/M (EE-Southern US accent): 2352 USB w/O/M (EE-Southern US accent). Prob Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishermen.(RP-MD)

21 Sep

08147.0 Unid: 2125 CW w/5-ltr groups. Prob Cuban DGI.(RP-MD)

08211.0 O/M (EE-British accent): 2303 USB w/O/M (EE). Caught at sign off--no calls noted. Sounded military.(RP-MD)

08218.0 O/M (Spanish): 2320 USB w/unheard station.(RP-MD)

08344.0 RFH77K (Russian Navy): 2325 CW calling in the blind.(RP-MD)

08378.0 Unid: 2345 AMTOR/ARQ. Poss Egyptian Embassy.(RP-MD)

22 Sep

10194.0 FC8FEM (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 8, Denver CO): 1600 USB/ALE calling FM1FEM (FEMA Region 1, Danvers MA).(RP-MD)

08050.0 CLS (US Army SOC:Fort Campbell, KY): 1900 USB/ALE sounding.(RP-MD)

08097.0 Unid: 1907 CW w/5-ltr groups. Msg ends with TDDRA repeated five times.L/C at my QTH--prob Cuban DGI. Carrier drifts badly.(RP-MD)

08340.0 1C3Z (Venezuelan Frigate "General Soublette", F-24): 2200 LSB/ALE to T8R1 (HQs, Venezuelan Navy) w/DTM msgs from "F-24" to CGA. (RP-MD)

08134.0 Unid: 2258 CW w/5-ltr groups. Prob Cuban DGI.(RP-MD)

08141.0 O/M (Spanish): 2304 USB w/O/M (Spanish).(RP-MD)

08344.0 RFH77K (Russian Navy): 2310 CW calling poss EIG77. (RP-MD)

Ron, Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA
Icom R75 45-ft EF-SWL