Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Russian Naval Comms/Russian Ships in Cyprus

From Tom (T) and the UDXF newsgroup (thanks for sharing with the rest of us Tom)

Tanker Lena is making its way out of the Baltic.

8345.0 RKO81: Russian Navy Tanker Lena. RUS/CIS Navy 0605 CW Tfc to RIT RKO81 848 20 18 1000 848 = FOR RJD38 RJH74 RJH45 = 18061 99548 10125 41597 62809 10150 40106 54006 70222 8652/ 22253 00150 20305 30000 88000 80000 18016 = + RKO81 K 2012-07-18 (Tom)

54.8N 12.5E Heading South West at 11-15 Knots

A Russian frigate from the Black Sea Fleet “Smetlivy” left the Syrian Port of Tartus in April 2012

Elements of the Black Sea Fleet have visited Cyprus.

'Russian Navy warships docked at Limassol port over the weekend for the first time in at least ten years.

The Russian frigate Smetlivy docked at Limassol port on Sunday at 9.30am to re-supply with food and water and rest its crew before heading off in the afternoon at 5.30pm.

Yesterday, a Russian tug boat Shakhter also docked at Limassol port at 7.56am and is due to leave today. Both ships are part of the Black Sea Fleet and according to reports, are on their way to Syria. Russia has a naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus, the only naval facility outside of the former Soviet Union. '