Thursday, February 27, 2014

BOLO (Be on the lookout) for Unid Hex Codes

Do you have Mode-S receive and civ/mil receive capability? If so you might want to keep an eye out for some interesting hex codes that have been associated with USAF SpecOps C-146A aircraft. We do not have serial tie ups yet, but here are some that have been seen here on the radio ranch in Btown.

000BD2  000BFC  005A07  AE0439 (associated with C-144 a/c)

Many of you who followed my columns in Monitoring Times over the years know what a frequency spectrum hole is. Well I'm starting to see some interesting hex code holes in my mil aircraft database. So since I'm visiting this area of milair monitoring in this post, here are a few more hex codes to key on. If any of you get any tie ups, I would appreciate an email via the address in the masthead. As I move forward in this research, I will be posting more hex code holes as time permits.

AE042F  AE0431  AE0432  AE0435  AE043A (associated with C-32B State Dept/ANG FEST a/c)  AE043B  AE043C  AE043D  AE043E  AE043F  AE0440  AE0441  AE0445  AE0447  AE0448

Finally, we know that these hex holes can be used to provide cover to high profile military aircraft missions. During the flight to South Africa in June 2013, Air Force-1 used the hex code AE13DF. The C-32B ANG/State Dept C-32B FEST aircraft have been observed using hex codes from the block listed above.

I do have an interesting story regarding one of these C-32B FEST aircraft and the attack on the State Dept/CIA compound in Benghazi that has not been told by any media to date. So standby here on the MMP blog for that piece of news.