Friday, May 04, 2007

New VHF/UHF Radio Installed on F-15Es

From the September 2006 AFCA Intercom:

A new radio installed in Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles is enhancing the fighter’s ability to communicate more effectively with ground troops and civilian aircraft. The fleet is receiving ultra high frequency/very high frequency, or UHF/VHF, radios that allow aircrews to provide critical, time-sensitive and encrypted information to ground forces or helicopters regarding enemy locations and actions. That capability 1s proving to be a force multiplier. By linking ground forces with F-15E aircrews, the VHF radio shortens the time from request to response. F-15E aircraft flying overhead can use airborne sensors to detect and track insurgents operating during the day or night, then communicate useful information to ground forces, other aircraft or commanders by using VHF radio. Along with aiding ground troops, the VHF radio is allowing F-15 pilots flying combat air patrol missions as part of homeland defense to communicate with civilian airliners to clarify intentions and convey instructions, when necessary. — Chris McGee, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio