Thursday, June 17, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 16 Jun 2010 - Kentucky

Our good friend Jack Metcalfe in Kentucky has checked in again with more action from the Fed/Mil HF airwaves and the following intercepts.

4857.5 Unid US Military or US Government stations in comms concerning "recycling the satellite phone." One station with a much better signal than the other: 1432 USB Voice (16/JUNE/2010)

6712.0 LOG ROLL, Airborne Command Post requesting RF-17 from QUICK PLANE & will meet them on the GEP orderwire: 1518 USB Voice (16/JUNE/2010)

7842.0 CLR25COMMEX1, USMC Combat Logistics Regiment 25, Camp Lejeune, NC & COMMCOCOMMEX1, USMC: 1507 USB ALE & Data mode (16/JUNE/2010) COMMEX10 & COMMCOCOMMEX1, USMC: 1609 USB ALE (16/JUNE/2010) CLCGREECOMMEX1, USMC & CLR25COMMEX1, USMC Combat Logistics Regiment 25, Camp Lejeune, NC: 2023 USB ALE (16/JUNE/2010)

14455.0 KHA959, NASA, Wallops Island Flight Facility, VA calling KHA908, NASA, Mountain View, CA. KHA946, NASA, New Orleans, LA also in the net. Very strong signals from KHA959: 1628 - 1635 USB Voice (16/JUNE/2010)

14650.0 TEXAS20SRGIN, USN 20th Seabee Readiness Group & HEBREW20SRGIN, USN 20th Seabee Readiness Group: 1629 USB ALE. Stations active in USB ALE on:
4883.0 6939.5 7945.5 9871.5 11504.5 14650.0 kHz (16/JUNE/2010)