Monday, October 21, 2013

North American Enroute Aviation Guide An Amazon #1 Best Seller

Well this has truly been a remarkable 48 hours. The North American Enroute Aviation Guide has roared to an Amazon #1 Best Seller in several categories and in both Kindle/Books and has stayed there.

To all of you who have purchased it so far a big -- Thank You. And we want to extend to the four buyers who have passed along their 5 star reviews - our deepest thanks.

We have many more radio hobby e-books in the works, including Gayle's exclusive International Shortwave Broadcast Guide so stay tuned.

You can see her QSLing the World e-book for $2.99 at

And you can see my new North American Enroute Aviation Guide for $2.99 at

Again thank you all for buying our Teak Publishing e-books products.

The Chief, An Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Reviews from Amazon on the North American Enroute Aviation Guide
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Reference! October 20, 2013 By Scannerfood
Well organized and convenient resource that contains verified (by me after purchasing) accurate information with detail not found elsewhere. A must have for those that love to listen to airplanes!

Plug in your local ARTCC's and hear everything you missed last time because you didn't have all the frequencies. Makes following a plane through airspace a breeze!
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitive Guidance October 20, 2013 By PK766
The author has gone to great extents to provide the most up to date and informative guide to listening to North American Enroute Aviation comms. As an avid monitor of ARTCC comms I can appreciate the portability of this book, which I can now carry almost anywhere on my phone, tablet, laptop, etc... The accuracy of the information at the time of publishing is spot on and I have not found any errors. BRAVO!!! Great Job Mr. Van Horn!
5.0 out of 5 stars Useful and Portable! October 19, 2013 By C Parris
An extremely useful publication for aviation monitoring, made even more useful now that I can carry it in my Kindle or iPad. The information contained by this volume is very complete and organized for easy access. Being that I travel and are often looking up things on-line, having this stored in my portable device makes it that much more useful. And at a very reasonable price, I can give this publication high praise!
WOW!!! Got to admit for such a small price this guide is packed with concise frequency information that a beginning or seasoned aviation radio monitoring hobbyist can readily use. It also provides a concise explanation of the organization of the Air Route Traffic Control Centers. As a daily monitor of military and civilian aviation, this is a very handy publication to have on one's tablet, computer or other device for following aircraft's communications. One can also print out the pertinent pages for the geographic areas normally monitored.

I think this long time hobby monitoring hobbyist as well as author, again shows us that he can produce a reference publication that is right on target for the radio monitoring hobby to enjoy!

Springfield Massachusetts