Monday, August 10, 2015

Russian naval fleet moored at the 4th Iranian naval zone

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Astrakhan patrol ships "Makhachkala" & "Volgodonsk" are in Anzali, Iran.

Tehran. August 8. IRNA - On Sunday, Russian naval flotilla to enter the territorial waters of Iran and moored to the dock in the 4th naval zone, according to the Department of Public Relations of the Iranian Navy.

The expedition of the Russian Navy is aimed at strengthening the friendly relations between Iran and Russia. The report emphasized that the Caspian Sea should be a sea of ​​peace and friendship. This is the third time the Russian naval fleet comes into the territorial waters of Iran.

Earlier, in 2007 and 2014 two other Russian naval fleet had carried out such an expedition for the strengthening of the Russian-Iranian friendly relations.

Meanwhile, in 2013 the Iranian naval fleet came into the territorial waters of Russia and the port of Astrakhan.