Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mil Base Profile - JB Charleston SC (KCHS)

Recently I received a question regarding the call signs used by the C17 aircraft assigned to the 437AW/315AW out of Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina.

Here are the call signs assigned exclusively to those AF two units:

MOOSE      Formation (Local)
BASCO       Formation/JAATT (Off-station)
TNCAN      Formation/JAATT (Pope AFB)
VOLT         Off-Station Trainers
IMPAC       Special Operations Missions
PALM         Formal Training Unit Missions
LIFTR         437 AW only:  Single-Ship
GRITS         315 AW only:  Single-Ship

Charleston AFB/Intl Airport (KCHS) aero frequencies include the following:

119.300/379.925 Charleston Approach/Departure Control (331°-150°
120.700/306.925 Charleston Approach/Departure Control (151°-330°)
121.900/348.600 Ground Control
122.950 Unicom
124.750 ATIS
126.000/239.000 Tower
127.325/291.650 Clearance Delivery
134.100 Palmetto Ops 
284.000 Charleston Approach/Departure Control
255.500 Have Quick Timing
349.400 Palmetto Ops
317.450 Charleston Approach/Departure Control
372.200 PTD