Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 27 March 2018

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR ( in Calif

1. Calif

07416.0  0036Z  Rattlesnake 40 (NCS-Civil Air Patrol Southwest Region) USB w/Shiprock 4 (Civil Air Patrol New Mexico) then moving net to SWC (04627.0 USB) which is blocked by loud OTHR signal on this SDR. At 0043Z net moves back to 07416.0 USB.

05447.0  0123Z  Triblade 20 (NCS-Civil Air Patrol Nat'l Trfc Net) USB w/net check-ins: Sandlapper 47 (Civil Air Patrol South Carolina); Red Cloud 87 (Civil Air Patrol Nebraska); Red Rock 73 (Civil Air Patrol Arizona).

14411.0  2003Z  AFN8S USB advising Mission Support that net holds no trfc.

2. Mass

07348.0  1300Z  FM1FEM (FEMA Federal Regional Center (FRC) Maynard (Boston), MA) USB/ALE w/FCSFEM1 (Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center (MWEAC) Berryville (Winchester), VA). After handshake WGP 911 w/WGY912 in voice and AMD tests. WGY911 advises that FM1FEM5, their MOC (Mobile Operations Center) radio is down until further notice. NOTE: FM1FEM5 noted sounding after 1400Z.

07348.0  1316Z FCSFEM1 USB/ALE w/FR1FEM (FEMA Auxiliary Station). After handshake WGY 912 w/WGY 9021 in voice, AMD & phone patch checks.

3. Canada

10588.0  1535Z  FCSFEM1 USB/ALE w/FC6FEM5 (FEMA Federal Regional Center (FRC) Denton, TX). After handshake WGY912 w/WGY916 MOC (Mobile Operations Center) w/voice, AMD tests.

10588.0  1723Z  FC0FEM (FEMA Region 10 Office Bothell, WA) USB/ALE w/CA9FEM (State EOC - California Emergency Management Agency Rancho Cordova (Sacramento), CA). After handshake WGY 910 w/WGY 939 in voice test. 

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs ( in:

1. Calif

07879.0 USB--6Y8M5. FEMA 5-ltr net

07320.0 USB--SHK (unid USMC) calling PHX (unid-prob PHALANXMEUCMD2); SHK calling PHALANXMEUCMD2 
(unid USMC); PHX calling BRA (unid USMC); Digital modem signal also present on this freq.

07480.0 USB--60WAXDVA (Dept Veterans Affairs).

05195.0 USB--6100CAOES, Calif Office of Emergency Services

05285.0 USB--BRA calling WIE (unid); WIE calling PHX; SHK calling BRA; SP5 calling SP4; SP3 calling PHX;  

05285.0 USB--125 calling 146, Prob Chinese AF/ADEF

10767.5 USB--RIC (Utah ArNG Richfield UT)

10424.0 USB-- 6Y8M5. FEMA 5-ltr net