Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Breaking News: America will deploy more than 2300 Marines in the Middle East

The MV-22 is well suited for the crisis response task force as it can carry around 24 combat-equipped troops, similar to most assault helicopters, but is much faster and has far greater range. Source: Bell-Boeing and Jane's Defense Weekly website
The National Iraqi News Agency is reporting the following this morning on their website:

BAGHDAD / NINA / Pentagon announced its intention to deploy a rapid reaction force of the Marine Corps in the Middle East, will not be linked to ongoing operations in Iraq.

Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby said in a press statement that "the Marine Corps / Marines / intends to deploy rapid reaction force of 2300 elements in the Middle East, with several aircrafts, adding that its mission is to intervene at the outbreak of crises in the region." / End

In a related story on the Jane's Defense Weekly website headlined:-

USMC stands up Middle East response force by Daniel Wasserbly, Washington, DC - IHS Jane's Defense Weekly

The US Marine Corps (USMC) has established a new special purpose task force for US Central Command (CENTCOM) that includes 2,300 marines and aircraft based throughout the region, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby announced on 30 September.

Special Marine Air Ground Task Force Central Command (SPMAGTF-CENT) is meant to provide a long-range rapid reaction force to serve the CENTCOM commander, and is based on a smaller SPMAGTF-Crisis Response (SPMAGTF-CR) that was created in Moron, Spain, last year to cover Africa.

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