Thursday, October 09, 2014

Current NORAD UHF MilAir Frequencies

There are a lot of bad NORAD frequency list floating around out there on the net, including some old ones that have old designators heard after in use after the 9/11 attack. The frequencies listed below is a complete list of currently assigned NORAD UHF military air frequencies.

Since the entire UHF military air (225-400 MHz) band plan was overhauled by DoD in recent years, quite a few of the old NORAD frequencies have been reassigned for other uses.

I should also note that I have not heard, not have I seen any valid reports, of any of those old NORAD color/number designators actually being used on the air since the band plan overhaul began back in 2004.

So in case you weren’t a Monitoring Times subscriber and a follower of my old Milcom column, here is the list of the current NORAD UHF milair frequency assignments.
228.900  234.600  235.900  238.400  252.000  254.200  260.900  265.400  270.200  271.000  274.000  277.600  278.000  281.600  282.600  288.400  293.600  316.300  320.600  324.000  327.900  328.000  355.200  364.200  (AICC Nationwide) 386.000 MHz

Another facet of air defense is the use of US Air Force E-3 AWACS aircraft for air defense zone surveillance. These aircraft also have some specific UHF mil assignments now that the band has been overhauled including a frequency shared with the AD frequencies listed above.

237.150  254.475  303.100  317.950  320.600 (also shared with AD feqs above)  324.650  335.950  388.950 MHz

Given the current state of relations with Russia and the many ADIZ intercepts in recent weeks, milcom monitors along the coastline should keep these frequencies programmed in their scanners. These frequencies are also used during various NORAD combat air patrols nationwide.

Frequency lists above courtesy of Teak Publishing, all rights reserved.