Thursday, November 09, 2006

Military Satellite Launch Manifest Link/2006 Schedule

For those who are interested in US military satellite launches you might want to bookmark Steven S. Pietrobon's military launch manifest at

This is a great resource for the milsat junkie. For Steve's list here are the rest of the 2006 mil launches.

14 Nov 06 Delta II (7925) NAVSTAR/GPS IIRM-3/IIR-16M
7 Dec 06 Delta II NROL-21
8 Dec 06 Atlas V401 (AV-013) STP 1, Orbital Express (NEXTSat-CSC, ASTRO), NPSat1, CFESat, Falconsat 3, MidSTAR 1, MEPSI 4A, MEPSI 4B
9 Dec 06 Falcon I TacSat 1, [Celestis 05]
11 Dec 06 Minotaur 1 TacSat 2 (Roadrunner,JWS-D1), [GeneSat 1]#
14 Dec 06 Falcon I DemoSat

?? 06 Delta II (732X) SBIRS I

More on these satellites and launches in future here on the MT Milcom blogspot.