Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fort Drum 380-400 MHz On The Air - Update

Benjamin Abel, the media relations officer from the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum, New York, has passed along the following regarding their new 380-400 MHz LMR trunk radio system:

"The Land Mobile Radio system, implemented here for first responder and administrative radio communications, is now fully implemented on Fort Drum replaces the collection of individual systems previously used. This system is an APCO P25 compliant digital trunked system and maximizes the use of available frequencies by assigning frequencies from a pool to each user as needed. We have around 1300 users on the system."

Thanks Ben for the update. Now to my radio friends, ladies and gents turn those scanners on, program in 380-390 MHz 12.5-kHz spacing nfm, hit that search button, and let's see what we can hear from your neck of the woods. I sure could use an intercept report from up there.