Friday, February 04, 2011

Southern California-San Diego Marine Event

For my friends in the San Diego area here is a USCG Notice to Mariners that will interest you.

Commander Naval Air Forces for the United States Navy will sponsor the Centennial of Naval Aviation which will consist of a pass and review of naval aircraft on 12 Feb 11 from 1200 to 1600 in the San Diego Bay. A safety zone will be in effect and include all navigable waters encompassed by the following coordinates:

32°43.26’N, 117°12.49’W;
32°43.26’N, 117°11.17’W;
32°42.41’N, 117°10.32’W;
thence east along the shoreline to 32°42.19’N, 117°10.03’W;
32°41.59’N, 117°10.17’W;
thence west along the shoreline to 32°42.41’N, 117°12.55’W;
32°43.26’N, 117°12.49’W.

This zone will cause the closure of San Diego Bay. All mariners are to avoid the safety zone and use due caution when transiting outside this area.