Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Does CanForce have an HF ALE network?

From our Midwest member of the Milcom MP monitor team -- the GrayGhost.

11232.0 HF-USB

1508Z - Atlas-340, in vicinity of Winnipeg, rqst radio check & selcal check (GHAE) fm Trenton Military. Am the SAR bird & will be conducting training for the next 3 hrs. Rqst tfc fm RCC. Neg tfc att fm RCC. Rg, Atlas-340 will maintain selcal watch & will attempt ALE check-ins (no time specified).

That is definitely a first, reference to a CanForce aircraft and some sort of ALE network. Maybe they use the USAF Global HF system but this definitely needs more work. If it isn't who will be the first to ID a Canadian mil aircraft ALE net?