Sunday, February 28, 2016

Live-Mode-S Weekly Military Mode-S Updates 24 Feb 2016

here is the latest Military Mode-S updates from our friend Albert posted to his Mode-S forum board at Thank you Albert for sharing that with the rest of us. This update was dated 24 Feb 2016

Code ICAO Country Registration Operator Source
0A03F2 A400 Germany 5402 LTG-62 LMMS
0D01BA DH8D Mexico AMT-230 Mexican Navy PM
0D04C2 G450 Mexico AMT-205 Mexican Navy private mail
0D0546 C295 Mexico AMT-250 Mexican Navy sbs analysis
0D0547 C295 Mexico AMT-251 Mexican Navy sbs analysis
0D05AE C295 Mexico FAM-3201 Mexican Navy private mail
0D05AF C295 Mexico FAM-3202 Mexican Navy private mail
0D05E6 C295 Mexico AMT-252 Mexican Navy private mail
0D05E7 C295 Mexico AMT-253 Mexican Navy private mail
0D0612 CN35 Mexico AMP-122 Mexican Navy private mail
0D0613 CN35 Mexico AMP-123 Mexican Navy private mail
0D0614 CN35 Mexico AMP-124 Mexican Navy private mail
0D0615 CN35 Mexico AMP-125 Mexican Navy modes
0D065F LJ60 Mexico AMT-200 Mexican Navy private mail
32001C AW139CP Italy MM81892 --- Filling
32001D AW139CP Italy MM81897 --- Filling
33FE02 TOR Italy mm…xx 155° Gruppo
33FE04 H47 Italy MM81779 --- Filling
33FFC1 A319 Italy MM62209 AMI | 31 Stormo | 306 Gruppo
359284 AS32 Spain HU.27-xx --- LMMS
35A520 ------ Malaysia M48-81 Malaysia Air Force LMMS
3AAADA AS.532UL France 2369 ALAT Armée de Terre Filling
3AABD1 AS555 France 5529 ALAT Armée de Terre LMMS
3AAC22 AS.350BA France 1953/JCK Gendarmerie callsign
3B762B AJET France E-166 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B762D AJET France E-164 --- Filling
3B762E AJET France E-163 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B762F AJET France E-162 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B7630 AJET France E-94/E-158 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B7637 AJET France E-xxx --- LMMS
3B7642 AJET France E-137 --- LMMS
3B7647 AJET France E-130 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B764C AJET France E-124 --- LMMS
3B7655 AJET France E-114 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B7665 AJET France E-95 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B7666 AJET France E-94 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B766A AJET France E-88 EPAA20.300/PdF LMMS
3B766F AJET France E-83 --- LMMS
3B7670 AJET France E-82 --- Filling
3B7688 AJET France E-35 --- LMMS
3B7691 AJET France E-22 --- callsign
3B7692 AJET France E-20 --- Filling
3B769C AJET France F-160 --- LMMS
3B76C4 AS555 France 5457 --- Filling
3B76DD AS55 France 5361 --- PBN
3E824A EUFI Germany 3024 TaktLwG-31 LMMS
3E87B7 TOR Germany 4567 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3E8CD7 EUFI Germany 3140 WTD-61 LMMS
3E8CF6 EUFI Germany 3072 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3E959B EUFI Germany 3137 TaktLwG-31 [mode s]
3E9809 TOR Germany 4588 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3E9AFF EUFI Germany 3063 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3E9F31 EUFI Germany 3065 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3EA77B TOR Germany 4656 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3EA9BE TOR Germany 4479 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3EB8A6 EUFI Germany 3076 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3EBA98 TOR Germany 4635 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F40C4 EUFI Germany 3057 TaktLwG-31 LMMS
3F42D5 EUFI Germany 3108 TaktLwG-31(R) pm
3F457E EUFI Germany 3133 TaktLwG-31 LMMS
3F474C C160 Germany 5061 --- LMMS
3F4DCA NH90 Germany 7xxx --- LMMS
3F4F86 TOR Germany 4640 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F4FA3 EUFI Germany 3092 TaktLwG-73 LMMS
3F53D9 EUFI Germany 3085 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F558E C160 Germany 5109 LTG-61 LMMS
3F5A92 AS532 Germany 8203 FBSBMVg LMMS
3F5AC4 TOR Germany 4429 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F6496 EUFI Germany 3055 TaktLwG-73 LMMS
3F6A8F EUFI Germany 3047 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F6BBD EUFI Germany 3099 TaktLwG-73 LMMS
3F6D74 TOR Germany 4416 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F6D87 EUFI Germany 3040 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3F6E2D TOR Germany 4624 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F711A TOR Germany 4473 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F728D TOR Germany 4561 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F741D EUFI Germany 3080 TaktLwG-31(R) LMmS
3F7421 TOR Germany 4615 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F7701 EUFI Germany 3071 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F788A EUFI Germany 3082 TaktLwG-31 private mail
3F7D01 EUFI Germany 3080 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F8198 EUFI Germany 3109 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3F81B9 TOR Germany 4464 ??? TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F8300 C160 Germany 5110 --- LMMS
3F8472 EUFI Germany 3083 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F8571 TOR Germany 4458 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F8B1F TOR Germany 4624 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F8F44 EUFI Germany 3068 TaktLwG-74 LMMS
3F8F57 EUFI Germany 3087 WTD-61 LMMS
3F908F TOR Germany 4650 ??? TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F9125 EUFI Germany 3064 TaktLwG-73 LMMS
3F94BA EUFI Germany 3107 TaktLwG-31 LMMS
3F9B92 TOR Germany 4519 TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3F9C11 EUFI Germany 3075 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F9E9C EUFI Germany 3050 TaktLwG-73 LMMS
3F9EEA EUFI Germany 3106 TaktLwG-31(R) LMMS
3F9F2A TOR Germany 4635 ??? TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3F9FB9 EUFI Germany 3105 TaktLwG-31 LMmS
3FA0A8 TOR Germany 4635 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
3FA349 UH1 Germany 7073 THR-30 LMMS
3FBD75 EUFI Germany 3078 TaktLwG-31 LmmS
3FBE04 TOR Germany 4423 ??? TaktLwG-33 LMMS
3FBE81 TOR Germany 4577 WTD-61 LMMS
3FBF96 TOR Germany 4623 TaktLwG-51 LMMS
43C767 AW159 United Kingdom ZZ526 --- LMMS
43C768 AW159 United Kingdom ZZ527 --- Filling
43C769 AW159 United Kingdom ZZ528 --- callsign
43C7D8 H47 United Kingdom ZK561 RAF | Odiham Wing LMMS
447D3E AB212 Austria 5D-HV --- LMMS
44F863 AJET Belgium AT33 11sm LMMS
45F42B EH10/C30J Denmark M-515/B-583 ESK721 PM
505FAE L39 Slovakia 5253 --- callsign
505FBA L39 Slovakia 4711 --- LMMS
7103D3 C30J Saudi Arabia 3207 RSAF | 32 Sqn Filling
7103D4 C30J Saudi Arabia 3208 RSAF | 32 Sqn LMMS
853186 G450 Mexico AMT-205 Mexican Navy private mail
87C400 LR-2 Japan 23051 JGDSF LMMS
87C402 LR-2 Japan 23053 JGDSF LMMS
87C404 LR-2 Japan 23055 JGDSF LMMS
87C82C C30 Japan 9055 61 Kokutai LMMS
8967D8 B412 United Arab Emirates DU-326 --- Trubb
AE0387 K35R United States 59-1472 AFRC | 452AMW | 336ARS [KRIV] callsign
AE040B C30J United States 165739 USMC | VMGR-234 [KNFW] [MODE S]
AE047E K35R United States 59-1492 USAF | callsign
AE04E9 K35R United States 61-0272 AFRC | 434ARW | 72ARS [KGUS] callsign
AE04F6 K35R/BE20 United States 58-0050/84-0167 USAFE | 100ARW | 351ARS [EGUN] private mail 84-0167 conf KGJT
AE059B K35R United States 60-0323 AFRC | 434ARW | 72ARS [KGUS] private mail
AE07DC C17 United States 93-0602 HI ANG | 154Wing | 203ARS [PHIK] BSI_26122005
AE0B10 H60 United States 96-26704 --- callsign
AE0D3F H60 United States 79-23302 USArmy radio call
AE0FA6 H47 United States 92-00293 USARMY callsign
AE1055 H47 South Korea 88-00081 --- Filling
AE1283 C130 United States 64-14862 USAF | 53ECG [KDMA] forum
AE16E7 F16 United States 90-0829 USAFE | 52FW | 480FS [ETAD] LMMS
AE191F A10 United States 79-0146 103rdFS  LMMS
AE1920 A10 United States 79-0147 422ndTES callsign
AE1B9F F18 United States 166898 USNavy LMMS
AE29CE C30J United States 08-6201 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] private mail
AE29CF C30J United States 08-6202 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE29D1 C30J United States 08-6204 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE29D2 C30J United States 08-6205 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE29D3 C30J United States 08-6206 USAF | 58SOW | 415SOS [KIKR] callsign
AE29D4 C30J United States 09-6207 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] foiru
AE29D5 C30J United States 09-6208 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE29D7 C30J United States 09-6210 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE47E8 H60 United States 07-20043 --- callsign
AE4B00 C30J United States 08-5697 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] LMMS
AE4BE5 C30J United States 09-5711 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] PM
AE4BE6 C30J United States 09-5713 USAF | 27SOW | 9SOS [KCVS] PM
AE51CF H60 United States 11-20419 --- callsign
AE56D6 H60 United States 13-20622 --- LMMS
AE57BE P8 United States 168858 USN | callsign
AE57BF P8 United States 168859 USN | LMMS
AE57C0 P8 United States 168860 USN | LMMS
AE58DE TEX2 United States 166237 ??? --- LMMS
AE58DF TEX2 United States 166238 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E0 TEX2 United States 166239 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E1 TEX2 United States 166240 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E2 TEX2 United States 166241 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E3 TEX2 United States 166242 ??? --- Filling
AE58E4 TEX2 United States 166243 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E5 TEX2 United States 166244 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E6 TEX2 United States 166245 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E7 TEX2 United States 166246 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E8 TEX2 United States 166247 ??? --- LMMS
AE58E9 TEX2 United States 166248 ??? --- LMMS
AE58EA TEX2 United States 166249 ??? --- LMMS
AE58EB TEX2 United States 166250 ??? --- LMMS
AE595C C30J United States 14-5788 USAF | 19AW [KLRF] LMMS
C87F0E NH90 NEW ZEALAND NZ3302 3 Sqn/RNZAF callsign
C87F14 NH90 NEW ZEALAND NZ3308 3 Sqn/RNZAF callsign
E20022 C30 Argentine TC-69 GT1A PM
E400B3 ERJ 145 Mexico FAM-4111 Mexican Navy callsign
E400B4 ERJ 145 Mexico FAM-4101 Mexican Navy callsign