Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Some Wierd Ionosonde Stuff on 8992 kHz USB heard in Europe and U.S.

This morning in the western US and this afternoon in central Europe the Milcom MP has captured the following screen grabs of what has been described to us as the mysterious 16/64 ionosonde (no one knows who is transmitting it). The first waveform marked as #1 is the start of the transmission and #2 is the completion. Our audio library has an audio sound bit of these transmissions. Earlier during the a.m. hours here in the eastern U.S., heard the first part of the waveform only on one of the west coast online SDRs. This afternoon (east coast time) have been hearing the full transmission again on a central European SDR. Again all the transmissions we have heard so far have been on 8992 kHz, a JCS HFGCS primary frequency.
16/64 ionosonde Part 1
16/64 ionosonde Part 2