Thursday, January 04, 2018

Former USCG HC-130H Aircraft now owned by the USFS

After a bit of research, I have finally pinned down what has happened to USCG HC-130H 1706. That aircraft is now assigned to the US Forest Service along with former CG 1708 and 1721 per several articles on Fire (Update on USFS HC-130Hs)

Above: Former USCG HC-130H 1721 now USFS Tanker 118 at McClellan Air Field, May 3, 2017. Photo by John Vogel.
USFS HC-130H Tankers
USFS Tanker 116 former CG 1708
USFS Tanker 118 former CG 1721
USFS Tanker ??? former CG 1707 (ADFE12)

So now I wonder what is now associated with the 706 ALE Address that Ron in Maryland saw on COTHEN network frequencies on 26 Dec 2017?  More monitoring will be required for sure.