Saturday, January 06, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 5 Jan 2018

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in Kobe Japan

08439.0  0030Z  Greyder (Russian Pacific Fleet HQs, Vladivostok) USB R/Cs w/Venakor (unid Pacific Fleet entity). NOTE: Strong data signal noted on 13035.0 USB following these R/Cs.

Logs from KiwiSDR in Florida, Idaho

05732.0  1334Z  08Z (USCG District 8 Ops New Orleans LA) USB/ALE w/N06 (USCG HC-144B #2306 ATC Mobile AL) then N06 reporting "ops normal."

11175.0  1551Z  Drum Roll (HF-GCS) USB w/EAM EUAVN2 (30 chars)

11175.0  1615Z  Drum Roll USB w/EAM EUY4CW (30 chars)

11175.0  1850Z  Live Ball (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/EAM EUMOFL (30 chars)

11175.0  2006Z  Chill 54 (B-52H 5th BW/23rd BS Minot AFB, ND) USB R/Cs w/Chill 92 (B-52H 5th BW/23rd BS Minot AFB, ND).

11494.0  2046Z  OPB (OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas) USB/ALE w/J47 (USCG MH-60T #6047 CGAS Clearwater FL) then in voice Panther w/Rescue 47 who requests they QSY to Satcom. At 2055Z Panther advises Rescue 47 that the first responders are approaching the scene and after they arrive Rescue 47 can RTB.

11494.0  2102Z  LNT (USCG Communications Command (COMMCOM) CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA) USB/ALE w/K30 (USCG MH-65D #6530 unlocated). After handshake CommCon w/Kilo 30 (not heard) establishing radio guard. At 2120Z K30 advises they are on approach to CGAS Houston and securing radio guard.

11175.0  2114Z  Drum Roll USB w/EAM EUZGHP (30 chars)

Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Kobe Japan Freq: 11228.0 USB 11324.0 USB, 11354.0 USB  11442.0 USB

152--prob Chinese Air Force/Air Defense
156 calling 381--prob Chinese Air Force/Air Defense
A98 (unid) calling E56--Chinese Navy
151 w/152--after handshake exchange encrypted data

2. New Hampshire, Idaho, Florida Freqs:  5732.0 USB, 6709.0 USB 11494.0 USB

08Z w/003 (USCG HC-130J #2003 CGAS Elizabeth City NC)
A60--CBP UH-60M tail #08-27170, N72760
HNL--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Honolulu, HI  
HTC (USCGC WMSL 752 Stratton NHTC Alameda, CA) w/07F (unid)
K53--USCG MH-65D #6553 CGAS Atlantic City NJ
KOD--Poss USCG Kodiak, AK
LNT (USCG Communications Command (COMMCOM) CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA) w/K30 (USCG MH-65D #6530 CGAS Houston TX)
N06 (USCG HC-144B #2306 ATC Mobile AL) w/08Z (USCG District 8 Ops New Orleans LA)
N10--USCG HC-144A # 2310 CGAS Miami FL
N11 (USCG HC-144A #2311 CGAS Miami FL) w/07Z (USCG District 7 "Miami Ops")
OPB (OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas) w/J47 (USCG MH-60T #6047 CGAS Clearwater FL)
R23449--UH-60A #80-23449 C/Coy 1/171st Avn New Mexico ArNG 
RPK--USCGC WLB 204 Elm NRPK Atlantic Beach, NC
SFENG (New Mexico ARNG AASF, Santa Fe Airport, NM) calling R23449.
T61--CBP BEECH 300 #N561A
Z12 (USCG Sector Miami Miami,FL) w/J07 (USCG MH-60T #6007 CGAS Clearwater FL)
Z14 (USCG Sector St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, FL) w/J07 
Z16 (USCG Sector Mobile Mobile, AL) w/N06 (HC-144B #2306 ATC Mobile AL)
Z35 (USCG Sector Juneau Juneau, AK) w/J34 (USCG MH-60T #6034 CGAS Sitka AK)
Z38 (USCG CGAS Humboldt Bay Humboldt Bay, OR) calling 13X (USCG HC-144A #2313 CGAS Corpus Christi TX)

Ron (
Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)