Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 2 Jan 2018

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Idaho & Alberta Canada Freq: 7527.0 USB, 13221.0 USB, 15088.0 USB & 17988.0 USB

OKD--COTHEN Remote Directional Transmitter, Chichasha, OK
IKL--USCGC WMEC 902 Tampa NIKL Portsmouth, VA
GDF--USCGC WHEC 724 Munro NGDF Kodiak, AK
OKO--COTHEN Remote Directional Transmitter, Chichasha, OK
SAR--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Limestone, FL
ATL--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Warm Springs, GA
RSH--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Concord, NC
NOJ--USCG ComSta Kodiak AK
K32--USCG MH-60T #6032 CGAS Sitka AK

2. Canada Freq: 6985.0 USB

TOO--Utah ArNG, Tooele
0JOC (Joint Forces Headquarters Utah Draper, UT)to WES (Utah ArNG West Jordon), OGD (Utah ArNG Ogden), RIC (Utah ArNG Richfield), MAN (Utah ArNG Manti), PRI (Utah ArNG Price)--AMD  12 A BASE RADIO CHECK OVER
MEB--Utah ArNG 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

Logs from KiwiSDR in Mass & Florida

07348.0  1355Z  FCSFEM1 (FEMA Ops Center Console 1: Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center (MWEAC) Mt. Weather EAC (Berryville), VA) USB/ALE w/FR4FEM (FEMA Region 4 Office Thomasville, GA). The voice and AMD Data tests from WGY 912 to WGY 904.
07348.0  1403Z  FCSFEM1 USB/ALE calling FC1FEM. Then WGY 912 calling WGY 901 (FEMA Region 1 Office   Maynard, MA) w/no response.
07348.0  1502Z  WGY 912 USB w/WGY 9024 (FEMA Auxiliary Station) advising that phone patch test did not work.
07348.0  1507Z  FCSFEM USB/ALE w/FM1FEM (FEMA Federal Regional Center (FRC) Maynard (Boston), MA). In voice WGY 912 w/WGY 911 in AMD chat & phone patch tests. Having some trouble with tests so WGY 912 ask for landline call at 540-542-4368.
07348.0  1534Z  FCSFEM USB/ALE w/FM5FEM (FEMA Region 5 Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) Battle Creek (Chicago-Augusta), MI). Then WGY 912 w/WGY 905 in voice and AMD chat tests.
07348.0  1542Z  FCSFEM USB/ALE w/FM1FEM5. Then WGY 912 w/WGY 911 MOC (MERS Operations Center) in voice tests.

Logs from KiwiSDR in Alberta Canada

11175.0  1922Z  Trident/Tie Dent (sounds like--HF-GCS) USB w/Pinnochio (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/procedures to enter the net.
11175.0  1940Z  Reach 983 (C-5M # 87-0034 60th AMW TRavis AFB CA) USB calling any stn for R/C.  Advises they arse over Atlantic City NJ.
11175.0  1948Z  Andrews USB w/Rock Bell (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/R/Cs. Also R/C w/Trident/Tie Dent

Ron (
Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)