Friday, January 12, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Jack in Kentucky: 9-11 Jan 2018

5753.1 VMW, Charleville, AUS with a "South Pacific Ocean Total Waves" fax. Also heard at 1330 UTC+ on 7533.1 (Best signal) & 10553.1: 1323 UTC in USB (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

7878.1 DDK3, Hamburg/Pinneburg, GER with a 0817 UTC repetition chart "Surface Pressure" fax: 1348 UTC in USB (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

8137.0 WCY, Marine Weather & Communications, Lakeland, FL with voice WX forecasts: 1352 UTC in USB voice (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

4820.0 MEB, Utah NG, 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Camp Williams, UT sounding: 1402 UTC in USB ALE (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

5140.0 KNFG267 (net control), OK Civil Emergency Management station at Oklahoma City, checking in WPES740, Camden County EOC, Camdenton, MO, to the Oklahoma Operation SECURE net. Out of state SECURE stations are encouraged to check into both the OK & MO OP SECURE nets: 1510 UTC in USB voice (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

7348.0, WGY947 (ALE address IA7FEM), state EOC, Des Moines, IA, in voice communications with WGY908 (FC8FEM), FEMA Region 8 HQ, Denver, CO.  Stations linked via ALE & successfully completed a phone patch test: 1516 UTC in USB ALE & voice (09/JAN/2018) (JLM)

7391.5 WQRA200, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), location unknown, calling & linking with WQRA202, DHS, location unknown. Logged while away, so I'm unsure of follow-on communications: 1732 UTC in USB ALE (10/JAN/2018) (JLM)

8045.6 FM4FEM5, FEMA Region 4 MERS Operations Center (MOC), Thomasville, GA calling unid US government/military station CNU. No reply & not seen calling again, at least under that ALE address: 1806 UTC in USB ALE (10/JAN/2018) (JLM)

5303.5 BRACER, Alabama NG unit calling for radio check. AL NG unit DAYLIGHT LULLABY responded to the r/c & signed off. The normal weekly AL NG net was cancelled for this day: 1503 UTC in USB voice (11/JAN/2018) (JLM)

7535.0 USN vessel SEA SABER working SESEF NORFOLK in ISB with two separate "talkers". SEA SABER moved from exciter to exciter testing USB, LSB, AM & ISB modes: 1755 UTC in USB voice (for test coordination)(11/JAN/2018) (JLM)

4941.0 & 5901.0 USDAHQ1, USDA HQ, Washington, D.C. calling & linking with USDAEOC2, USDA alternate Emergency Operations Center, Elkins, WV, then into a AMD text message: 1824-1834 UTC in USB ALE (11/JAN/2018) (JLM)

9270.0, 7393.0 & 5901.0 USDADEV1, Unid USDA station, probably a emergency communications vehicle, calling KFD905, USDA HQ, Washington, D.C.: 2021 UTC+ in USB ALE (11/JAN/2018) (JLM)

7813.3 XSS, UK Defence High Frequency Communications Service (DHFCS), sounding. I just noted XSS using this frequency a couple of days ago: 2114 UTC in USB ALE (11/JAN/2018) (JLM)
Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
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