Saturday, January 13, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 12 Jan 2018

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in Idaho

13200.0  1835Z  Doc Lucky (HF-GCS) USB w/148 chars EAM--preamble missed.
13200.0  1837Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM JWFSXF (48 chars)..standing by for trfc.
11175.0  1850Z  Cando 14 (KC-10 305th AMW Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst NJ) USB calling Mainsail.
11175.0  1854Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM FEXPIH (30 chars)
11175.0  1900Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM JW7O6H (148 chars)
11175.0  1909Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM FEVMVXJ (30 chars)
11175.0  1934Z  Parasite (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB checking out of the net in the blind.
11175.0  1953Z  Doc Lucky & Trick Egg (TACAMO/ABNCP) trying to establish contact. After several mins contact established & Trick Egg request pp to 271-7190 w/stn Aluminum (RF Coordinator) w/request for RF 16 analog in stn Demonstrate. Trick Egg burning RF10 digital. Aluminum cannot see Trick Egg on RF 10. Trick Egg advises they are in a dead area in the southwest corner and terminates pp.
11175.0  2007Z  Doc Lucky USB W/repeat of EAM JW7O6H.
11175.0  2015Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM JWFSXF (48 chars)
11175.0  2024Z  Footwork (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Doc Lucky w/no response.
11175.0  2035Z  Footwork USB w/Doc Lucky w/authentications to enter the net.
11407.0  2042Z  Unid stn (O/M #1) USB w/unid stn (O/M #2)--caught at sign off--O/M #1 tells O/M #2 to call him back in a few mins on 13927.
13927.0  2046Z  3JI (USAF MARS) USB w/9LC (USAF MARS) establishing comms. 
11175.0  2051Z  Doc Lucky USB w/EAM R5KRIA (30 chars) " For ???-54"

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Novosibirsk Freq: 11168.6

KBF95 (State Dept, Baku) calling KBF70 (State Dept Ashgabat)

2. Mojave CA Freqs: 4785.0 USB

YW6 (unid) calling TXZ6 (unid)

3. Mojave CA Freqs: 10554.0 USB


4. Texas Freqs: 12222.0 USB

JOM--USCGC WPB 87362 Sea Otter NJOM San Diego, CA

Ron (
Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)