Sunday, April 13, 2008

Late Breaking News: Two More TBird VHF Monitored

We have received two reports overnight that the US Air Force Thunderbird Diamond formation is using 143.700 MHz (AM mode) at the EAA Sun 'n Fun 2008 airshow in Lakeland, Florida. Another reporter indicates that 150.150 MHz is also being used by the team.

This now means we have another of the new air-to-air nationwide VHF freqs being used by the famed flight demo team.

We broke the story on this blog that two new VHF freqs had been uncovered at the Tyndall AFB Airshow on March 31.

So here is a recap of the new VHF freqs uncovered so far:

Tyndall AFB Airshow
139.800 MHz Victor-1
148.850 MHz Victor-2

EAA Sun 'N Fun Lakeland FL
143.700 MHz(designator unknown - used by the TBird Diamond formation)
150.150 MHz (designator unknown)

The last two frequencies fit into a pattern that I have been researching on new frequency usage assignments within the 138-150.8 MHz DoD LMR bands. Based on this research I recommend that airshow attendees to TBird events program the following frequencies (in addition to the above freqs). The frequencies below may also be used by the team: 141.150 141.400 143.250 150.250 150.300 MHz.

As always field reports from the show are always appreciated. And I would again I would like to thank our field reporters who have taken the time to monitor and share their intercepts with the Milcom Monitoring Post Blog readers.