Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - HF Feb 16-17, 2010 - Mid Atlantic

Our regular MMP reporter Ron P in the Mid Atlantic checks in again with his military/government HF logs from Feb 16-17. All times UTC and Frequencies in kHz.

16 Feb:

08277.0 O/M (Spanish): 0043 LSB w/O/M (Spanish).

02598.0 VCP (Placentia CG, Newfoundland): 0053 USB w/maritime wx.

23337.0 ADW (HF-GCS, Andrews AFB MD): 1400 USB/ALE sounding.

09025.0 MCC (HF-GCS McClellan AFB CA): 1630 USB/ALE calling SKW (unid).

18594.0 J22 (USCG MH-60J #6022 CGAS Clearwater FL): 1646 USB/ALE calling OPB (OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas) then in voice 22 Charlie w/Panther reporting airborne w/4 POB.

15867.0 TSC US Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center Orlando, FL): 1847 USB/ALE calling MS1 (unid Land Mobile Unit).

08337.6 Shark 29 (prob USCGC Decisive, WMEC 629, Pasgagoula MS): 1857 USB w/Shark 00 (unid USCGC).

08337.6 Shark 29: 1910 USB w/Swordfish 20 (USCG HU-25 #2120 ATC Mobile AL) who passes position as 2151N/7454W. ANVDT also noted.

07527.0 MS2 (unid Land Mobile Unit): 1927 USB/ALE calling TSC.

14582.0 D46 (US Customs P-3 AEW&C #N146CS/BuNo 154605, Jacksonville AMB, FL): 1930 USB/ALE sounding.

20890.0 TSC: 1933 USB w/MS2 (not heard) using Parkhill encrypted voice. After several tries Service Center request that they go back to COTHEN scan and try to find a better frequency. They switch to 08912.0 for both clear and Parkhill comms.

10242.0 LNT (CamsLant Chesapeake) 1936 USB/ALE w/500 (USCG HC-130H #1500, CGAS Elizabeth City NC) then in voice 1500 advises Camslant that they are RTB to Guantanamo Bay Cuba and securing radio guard.

09025.0 69001 (poss NATO C-17 # 01, Papa Hungary): 2100 USB/ALE sounding.

09025.0 JDG (HF-GCS Diego Garcia): 2119 USB/ALE calling JDGAULT (default setting at Diego Garcia???).

09025.0 DEF (default setting???): 2121 USB/ALE calling JDG. After ALE handshake busy telephone tones heard.

08337.6 Shark 29: 2131 USB w/Swordfish 28 (HU-25D # 2128, CGAS Miami FL). ANDVT also noted. Shark 29 advises that unid asset has 45 mins left on scene & that the TOI is doing 15 kts.

08337.6 Shark 09 (poss USCGC Aquidneck WPB-1309, Portsmouth VA): 2135 USB w/Sinbad 01 (unid CG acft-not heard). Shark 09 requests ops & position.

10242.0 OPB (OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas): 2142 USB w/D31 (US Customs P-3B "Slick" #N431SK/BuNo 153431, Jacksonville AMB, FL). After ALE handshake both stations in Parkhill encrypted comms.

08337.0 O/M (Italian): 2155 USB w/O/M (Italian). Prob maritime link.

07528.0 Unid: 2204 CW w/5-ltr groups. Poss Cuban DGI.

17 Feb:

14396.5 AAV4AR (Army MARS-NCS-weak), NCS 023 (acting as relay for AAV4AR): 1535 USB w/weekly SHARES net. Noted were: WGY 019: NCS 009; NNN0BMV (Navy/Marine MARS South Dakota-also acting as relay); NNN0EBC; AFA7HY (USAF MARS, Shawnee KS-takes over as NCS at 1616 UTC); NNN0EPY; AAR1BG; NNN0TFH; KHA 34; WUZ (id as Alabama).

09106.0 USARC5 (US Army Reserve Command, Region 5): 1615 USB/ALE sounding.