Friday, February 05, 2010

STS-130 Endeavor Launch Support

From our good friends at Hearsat and Nils in Germany:

"for this Sunday the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130 is scheduled. Over the last two days there's been quite some TALCOM traffic heard from the Support Nets.

The two C-130 (Herky 658 and Herky 657) departed from Ramstein AFB today and both landed saftely in Zaragoza, Spain this afternoon. Evenutally one of them will be moved to either Istress or Moron AFB, 2nd TAL sits tomorrow.

Yesterday good comms between the usual round of units, including Angel 1/2,
Herky 658/657, Cape and Wolfden (Ramstein)."

Nils did not pass along a freq, but they normaly hand out on a 261.575 MHz downlink.