Friday, January 14, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 13 Jan 2011 - Baltimore MD

Ron Perron checks in with some Milair logs form his Baltimore MD monitoring post.

(Times UTC, Freqs KHz)

07527.0 2258Z CG 1720 advises CamslNat that they have departed ho9meplate CGAS Clearwater w/7 POB for local training mission.

08912.0 2310Z CamsLant w/Mystic (poss CG Sector Mystic CT-not heard) w/radio checks.

08983.0 1339Z CG 1720 (HC-130H7 CGAS Clearwater FL) w/CamsLant Chesapeake.

08983.0 2358Z CamsLant w/CG 2117 (HU-25A CGAS Miami FL) who reports position as 2428N/9258W.

08992.0 2318Z Andrews w/EAM G2MXNJ.

08992.0 2355Z Andrews w/EAM G2U2GE

11175.0 2315Z Concourse (sounds like-TACAMO/NAOC) w/unid EAM (preamble missed). Concourse was very weak and broken. Noted not simultaneuos on 8992.0.