Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 3 Jan 2011 - Baltimore MD

Our friend Ron Perron from Baltimore MD checks in with his latest HF Milcom logs. Thanks Ron for sharing.

(Times UTC, Freqs KHz)

08337.6 2114Z ANDVT. Prob US Coast Guard.

08992.0 1650Z Offutt w/Reach 4113 in radio checks.

11175.0 1150Z Puerto Rico w/Reach 326 (not heard) who passes inbound load msg for relay. Puerto Rico advises Reach 326 that their info has been relayed to an unidientified CP.

11175.0 1605Z Andrews w/EAM 43Q3KC. Same EAM rebroadcast at 1630Z.

11175.0 1635Z Puerto Rico w/Maine 85 (KC-135R 132nd ARS, ME ANG Bangor ME-not heard)

11175.0 1645Z Offutt w/Teal 62 (WC-130J 53rd WRS, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS-not heard) who asks for current traffic. Offutt advises there is no new traffic and advises that last traffic was 43Q3KC.

11175.0 1912Z Puerto Rico w/Reach 550 (not heard)

11175.0 1915Z Andrews w/EAM 436VOL

11175.0 212Z Andrews w/Tuff 32 (B-52H 917th BW/93rd BS. Barksdale AFB, LA) in pp to unidentified entity (signal quality very poor).

11175.0 2049Z Andrews w/EAM 4374EF

11232.0 2055Z Trenton military w/Canforce 4441 (call garbled) w/selcal check for ??-PR. Signal quality very poor.