Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 18 Jan 2011 - Baltimore MD

Ron Perron checks in with some Milair logs form his Baltimore MD monitoring post.

08971.0 2239Z Fiddle (TSCC NAS Jacksonville FL) calling Trident 712 (P-3C VP-26 “TRIDENTS”, NAS Jacksonville FL) w/no response. At 2252Z Trident 712 passes unid Spare Group msg to Fiddle who QSL's.

08983.0 2036Z Camslant Chesapeake w/CG 2113 (HU-25D CGAS Miami FL-not heard) who passes position at 26?5?0N/7932W on course of 330 degrees at 220 kts. At 2130Z CamsLant relays CG 2113's position as 2651N/7050W on course of 240 degrees at 230 kts.

08992.0 2029Z Andrews w/Shark 17 (C-130E # 64-0515 PR ANG 156AW/198AS San Juan PR[) w/request for pp to DSN 312-58?9?-XXXX. Andrews requests they QSY to 11175.0.

08992.0 2055Z Andrews w/Turbo 32 (KC-135R 22nd ARW, McConnell AFB, KS) w/radio checks.

11175.0 2031Z Andrews w/Shark 17 w/ pp (not heard) w/departure msg. NOTE: Here signal was better on 8992.0.

11175.0 AMC 204 w/Mainsail call for radio checks. No responses noted.

11175.0 2146Z Puerto Rico w/radio checks.