Sunday, January 16, 2011

Russian Milsat Comms 277-279 and 1000 MHz IDed

There have been numerous reports over the last several weeks on newsgroups and twitter (you can join my feed at MilcomMP) about a satellite downlink in the 277-279 MHz area of the spectrum. Our friends over at UHF-Satcom have been doing yeoman work in IDing the bird that has been downlinking these signals and recently announced they have tracked the source to the Russian Meridian 2 military comm satellite.

You can learn more about the Meridian 2 milsat and 900 MHz downlinks from the Russian Molniya 1/3 satellites at This is a must view if you have been following the 277-279 MHz satellite activity.

Paul has also included details on his 1 GHZ LHCP helical for Molniya reception and a 6 Element WA5VJB Yagi design centred on 278 MHz for Meridian satelite reception.