Sunday, January 02, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 27-30 Dec 2010 - Stanford KY

Jack Metcalfe up in KY has passed along some end of 2010 Mil/Gov HF logs. Thanks Jack.

4593.5 AFA3BC, USAF MARS station in net with AFF3WV, AFA3AO & NE1S1: 1418 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

4780.0 GOLDEN PIRATE (Net Control Station) calling stations for the bi-monthly Indiana North Region Joint Forces HF Radio Net. Stations replying, CRAWFORDSVILLE, GREENCASTLE, MARION & MUNCIE. 25 other stations called but no reply: 1400 LSB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

5195.0 Very weak Texas DOT stations in weekly HF Net: 1434 USB Voice (27/DEC/2010)

6761.0 TURBO 33 & REACH 3003, USAF for radio checks: 1430 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

6765.0 NCS042, NCS Auxiliary in KY & on battery power, NM08WLZ, unid SHARES station, USCG RADIO PARADISE, USCG Auxiliary, Whitefish Bay, Paradise, MI (see link below) & KGD34, SHARES HQ, Arlington, VA on the SHARES Northern Net: 1615 - 1633 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

6775.0 AFC4MC & AFB3MC, USAF MARS stations: 1509 PACTOR (28/DEC/2010)

6800.0 NCS009, SHARES BBS, Ames, IA with NCS009 Data Schedule & SHARES msg: 1445 PACTOR (29/DEC/2010)

6878.5 NNN0EBC, USN/USMC MARS with R/3X1B Net Report: 1439 PACTOR (29/DEC/2010)

6910.0 NNN0ENS, USN/USMC MARS running the SHARES Region 6 Net: 1614 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

6982.5 KHA940, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH calling any NASA station for a HF Net radio check: 1648 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

7305.0 AFA7ET & AFA5GK, USAF MARS Net: 1451 USB Voice (29/DEC/2010)

7630.0 RED ROBIN 898, Civil Air Patrol, with exercise traffic for another unid station before moving to frequency "GA": 1542 USB Voice (30/DEC/2010)

7632.0 AAR4LL, USAF MARS & NCS30, NCS Auxiliary station in CW Net after SHARES Voice Net: 1716 CW (29/DEC/2010)

USCG Radio Paradise Link: