Thursday, December 14, 2006

FEMA Shows up on COTHEN - ALE Addresses

Mark Cleary checked in this morning with a bit more info on yesterday's blog post on FEMA operating on the COTHEN network.

From Mark, "I've seen a gradual increase in FEMA activity on the COTHEN network in the past year. I've noticed FEMA stations became active on the network during the last two significant weather events in the southeastern United States, Tropical Storm Ernesto, and the major storm that blew through the Carolinas in November. This past weekend some new stations appeared conducting phone patches via the Customs Service Center to emergency management EOCs in South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. Perhaps we may see some operational FEMA traffic on the network the next time a hurricane makes landfall in the southeast."

Mark passes along these FEMA ALE station addresses he has monitored on the COTHEN network this year:

014FEM FEMA Station WGY9014
019FEM FEMA Station WGY9019
034FEM FEMA Station WGY9034
437FEMAUX FEMA Auxiliary
AL4 FEMA WGY954, Alabama EOC, Montgomery, AL
AL4FMA FEMA WGY954, Alabama EOC, Montgomery, AL
FC4 FEMA WGY904 Region 4, Thomasville, GA
FM1 FEMA Station working USCGC DILIGENCE during TS Ernesto
FP4FEM001 FEMA Station during TS Ernesto
FP4PFEM001 FEMA Station during TS Ernesto
FR4FMA FEMA Station, voice callsign "WGY9024 Region 4, Atlanta"
SC4FMA FEMA Region 4, South Carolina EOC

Thanks to Mark for this update on FEMA operating on COTHEN. And remember if you have something to share with the blog and our readers, please send it along to larryvanhorn @