Friday, December 29, 2006

Guard Dog Washington Area NORAD CAP Profile

Washington D.C. Combat Air Patrol - GUARD DOG (DC and Camp David Airspace)
Since there will be a lot of VIPs in the Washongton, D.C. area over the next few days, here is a small profile on NORAD CAP frequencies and callsign that will surely be up 24/7.

121.500 International Civilian Calling/Emergency
135.525/350.250 Washington ARTCC Guard Dog Coordination Frequencies (UHF new ex-288.350 MHz)
134.150/327.000 Washington ARTCC
228.900 NORAD Discrete "Huntress"
243.000 International Military Calling/Emergency
255.400 FAA Flight Service Station Leesburg, Virginia
260.900 NORAD Discrete "Huntress"
320.600 CAP Aerial refueling Boom Freq
324.000 CAP Aerial refueling Boom Freq
364.200 NORAD AICC369.150 Occasional CAP unit air-air

Arrow ## 33FW/60FS (Eglin AFB) 338.750/369.150 MHz
Brave ## 113 Wing/121FS (DC ANG) 139.700 MHz A-A
Cosmic ## 177FW/119FS (NJ ANG) 138.200 MHz A-A
Harass ## 1FW/27FS (Langley AFB)
Pittman ## 20FW/79FS (Shaw AFB) 142.125 143.800 MHz A-A
Spider ## 119FW (ND ANG) 138.000 MHz A-A
Tanker ## Aerial refueling aircraft

Huntress NEADS/SEADS NORAD Air Defense Control Center