Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tacsat-2 Launched from Wallops This Morning

Tacsat-2 and GeneSat-1 were launched this morning aboard the Minotaur-1 rocket from the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport (aka Wallops island) at 1200 UTC (7:00 am EST). Preliminary information indicates that the satellites were placed into a 410 km circular orbit inclined 40 degress. No other information is currently available, except the video of the launch at the link below which was just released.
Hope to have some sort of official launch announcement before the day is out.

Jason R. posted to the Milcom newgroup the following scanner frequencies that he monitored pre-launch. Thanks Jason for sharing that with all of us.

121.950 Range Air Control
126.500 Wallops Tower
156.600 Wallops Plot
170.350 Security Operations
171.000 Wallops Island Fire Department
311.200 Air Operations

Range Aircraft Used:
NASA 8 and 14-Yankee (used for keeping range waters clear)

NASA 8 is the King Air (N8NA) that is assigned to Wallops-LVH.
[Photo above is Tacsat-2 during ground testing. USAF Photo]