Friday, December 15, 2006

Monitor Project - What Fleet Broadcast Freqs Do You Hear?

I have been meaning to post this for quite sometime, but I have been a bit busy lately. ;-))

But let's get this party started. Here is a fun satellite monitoring project anyone with a VHF/UHF scanner can participate in.

One of the best ways to determine if you can monitor the UHF Milsats with your present scanner setup is to check for activiy on the four major fleet broadcast downlinks. These are 24/7 frequencies that broadcast an unmistakable data signal as noted on the frequencies below.

Here is my local list
UFO November 250.350 MHz Strong here
UFO Oscar/Fleet Alpha 250.450 MHz Nothing here
UFO Papa/Fleet Bravo 250.550 MHz Very strong here
UFO Quebec/Fleet Charlie 250.650 MHz Weak here

So here is the game. It would be interesting for all my blog reporters to plug these frequencies in and let the rest of us know which ones you are hearing. As part of this project if you have a directional capability, let us know the direction you hear these broadcast from. But you must include your monitoring location. Now if you wish to remain anonymous, you can send your report directly to me at larryvanhorn @ (obviously close this up when you email me).

Everyone with a scanner can participate and let's see what UHF milsat bandplans look like from around the world. I will post complete results on the blog in about a week. If this is successful then I will add more milsat projects on the list.

So give that dial a whirl and let us all know which of the big four above you are hearing from your shack.

73 de Larry