Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Indy ARTCC Henryville RCAG Freqs Uncovered

A regular reader of this blog has made a trip out to the Henryville, Indiana RCAG site used by the Indianapolis ARTCC. By monitoring and using the Uniden Close Call feature, our Hoosier State reporter files the following frequencies for this site:

Low Altitude Discrete: Approach/Departure services for various small airports via this RCAG
124.775 -- 269.025

High Altitude
133.050 -- 293.225 (I think this is sector 82-LVH)

Ultra High Altitude
134.275 -- 353.825 (I think this is sector 92-LVH)

Unknown usage (This is a high atitude sector, 66 if my notes are correct-LVH)
128.375 -- 317.525

Thanks to our field reporter for this update on the Henryville RCAG. And remember if you have something to share with the blog and our readers, please send it along to larryvanhorn @