Thursday, September 14, 2006

New UHF Milsat Downlink Discovered

According to website and posted on 3 Sep 2006, monitors have uncovered a third UHF downlink on the Italian military satellite Sircal 1A. This new downlink is cross strapped to one of the satellite's 7 GHz transponders.

The three UHF transponders and their 7 GHz counterparts are:
252.200-252.350 MHz 7393.200-7393.350 MHz
258.150-258.300 MHz
267.100-267.250 MHz 7408.100-7409.250 MHz Uplink 308.200-308.350 MHz.

The satellite has a 7500 MHz TT&C beacon on continuously.

Based on intercept reports the squeaky wheel modulation type, STANAG 4285, and voice transmissions have been observed on the 252.200 MHz transponder. Italian Navy coastal station IDR-Rome has been reported on the second transponder at 258.200 MHz.

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