Friday, July 08, 2011

Civil Air Patrol Nationwide Exercise Starts Today

The USAF Civil Air Patrol auxiliary service will be conducting a nationwide communications exercise starting today and will last through the weekend until July 12. I have posted some background on this last month on this blog at

From one public website:

"Constant Watch Communications Exercise: Significant investment has been made into CAP’s communications infrastructure in recent years, including HF-ALE. Constant Watch is an exercise being held 8-12 July to test our HF capabilities, and learn as much as we can so that we can improve our systems and techniques. All wings are expected to participate in this exercise, and we look forward to seeing the results."

I fully expect the National HF ALE net (NCN) and regional nets to be hopping the next four days.

Courtesy of Monitoring Times magazine, from my July 2011 MT Milcom column:

CAP National Command ALE Network: 2011.0 3204.0 4477.0 5006.0 6806.0 7602.0 8012.0 9047.0 10162.0 11402.0 12081.0 13415.0 14357.0 15602.0 17412.0 19814.0 25354.0 29894.0 kHz.

If you are an MT subscriber and want to monitor the regional nets, I have a list of the known regional CAP nets that I have uncovered in the July Milcom column mentioned above. July is available for sale on select newsstands right now.