Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Secret Transmission Detected From North Korea?


Blog Note: Do you need a schedule for North Korea SWBC broadcasts to monitor for possible North Korean numbers broadcasts? Ms Gayle has posted the latest A13 Summer schedule on her Shortwave Central blog at http://mt-shortwave.blogspot.com/2013/04/north-korea-a13-summer-schedules.html.

Thanks to Rene and Ary B from the UDXF newsgroup for passing the info about the piece below from the ConspiracyHQ website.

Ary said in his UDXF post, "Interesting as these transmissions stopped years ago. Are they really back? So far no-one else reported this while I know that several DXers are following the Korean broadcasts. If you are in the position to listen and really hear these transmissions, please report and record them to UDXF and Spooks !!!!!"

Ary may question if these transmissions are back, but I'm just highly skeptical about this alleged North Korean numbers station broadcast. No details of date, time or a frequency that radio hobbyists provide with these sort of intercepts. Only the name of Tim who lives in the Midwest as the person who is suppose to have heard this transmission. So what is this Tim hiding from? North Korean commandos or the rest of the radio hobby?

Given the attention right now by the radio community monitoring every DPRK radio broadcast and the fact that no one else in our hobby has heard or reported this transmission leaves me no choice but to question the validity of the entire report. A North Korean numbers transmission using the same  Spanish language numbers female as the Cuban 5-digit numbers broadcasts? Really. Really. Really!!!

Oh.and did I mention that the author mentioned The CONET Project archives? Wonde if that little 5-digit burst of Spanish numbers is a clip from that library. The whole thing sounds like a bad audio mix of various items we hear on the ute bands everyday.

I should also note that the numbers format heard on the audio link in this article does "NOT" match the known format of the old North Korean number station transmissions (the last known broadcast was in December 2000). For more info on those broadcasts and the format used, see the Asian Broadcasting Institute link at http://www.abiweb.jp/ransu/ransu-e3.htm.

You can check out the original article and the audio clip alleged of this alleged North Korean numbers broadcast at http://conspiracyhq.com/secret-transmission-detected-from-north-korea-theres-more/

But if you should be lucky enough to hear anything along the lines of what was reported on ConspiracyHQ, please feel free to report your results here (email address in the masthead) and I will post it up here on the MMP blog.

So if Tim, or whatever your name is, who heard this alleged North Korean number station would like to pass along some info on this intercept and a copy of the audio clip of what he heard to me, I will be glad to give it a fair and honest hearing. I'm not holding my breath that I will ever hear from this radio ham who heard this blast from the past numbers transmission, but hey it is the 21st century and anything is possible (my tongue is in ye ole cheek).

Hey Tim make me a believer and not a skeptic.