Thursday, September 08, 2016

Army Spy Plane Flying Missions on the Korean DMZ

US Army EO-5C Aircraft courtesy of The Aviationist (US Army Photo)

Mode-S ADS-B tracking and sharing is a really cool aspect of government/military aircraft monitoring. Again this morning it showed its worth when one of my twitter mil friends posted an intercept regarding N59AG flying up on the Korean DMZ. This isn't the first rodeo for that aircraft up there. In fact, they are regular visitors to that garden spot in the world. Disguised with a US civilian aircraft registration, the aircraft is a US Army EO-5C spy plane, one of three in the region.

Read more about these aircraft and their mission in Korea on The Aviationist website at
U.S. Army spyplane pops-up on Flightradar24 during mission south of the Korean DMZ