Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mil/Gov Field Report - Jack in KY: 23-24 Oct 2018

Our good friend Jack in Kentucky checks in with another set of excellent intercepts from the Blue Grass state. Thanks Jack.

3237.0 LINK 11: 1208 UTC in DSB (2018OCT23) (JLM)

7535.0 USN vessel PROUD VICTORY in equipment tests with SESEF NORFOLK, Fort Story, VA: 1225 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT23) (JLM)

11175.0 EDGEWOOD, probably a E-6B, with a phone patch to SPLENDID via BUSY MAN. EDGEWOOD was setting up GEP site transitions with SPLENDID: 2132 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT23) (JLM)

11175.0 OVERFLOW, ABNCP aircraft, entering the net through BUSY MAN. Ran at least two separate authentications before entering the net at 2148 UTC: 2143 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT23) (JLM)

4490.0, 7391.5, 7991.0 & 14426.5 NETFHU (US Army MARS?) calling KGD34, NCC, Arlington, VA, on SHARES ALE frequencies: 0001 UTC+ in USB ALE (2018/OCT/24) (JLM)

3131.0 SIERRA calling KILO WHISKEY, but no reply, then "any station this net". MIKE & ECHO replied. USN net: 0021 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT24) (JLM)

3038.0 ANDVT, probably USN: 0028 UTC in USB (2018OCT24) (JLM)

3265.6 US Military station SNHQ calling SSGHQ, linking, then delivering an AMD message: 0028 UTC in USB ALE (2018OCT24) (JLM)

3051.4 USN vessel COLD WARRIOR calling USN vessel FIGHTING FREDDY & vice versa, but apparently they couldn't hear each other: 0107 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT24) (JLM)

3272.0 US Army MARS station AAR7EH closing the net at 0146 UTC & announcing the next net starting time as Oct 25 at 0001 UTC: 0148 UTC in USB voice (2018OCT24) (JLM)

2025.6 US DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) station 61WAXDVA (WAX61) sounding. Strong signal here & on 2726.0. Long sounding transmission: 0151-0154 UTC in USB ALE (2018OCT24) (JLM)
Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
RFSpace Cloud-IQ SDR (x2) & Icom IC-R75 (x2) HF receivers
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