Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The 2019 Milcom Files - TSM Edition - Now Available on Amazon

The Teak Publishing Company is pleased to announce the release of its latest eBook in the Milcom Archive series – The Spectrum Monitor Volume 2 (2019) by Larry Van Horn.

Some of the topics covered in this new book during 2019 include:

• Base/Unit Profiles: TAW-5 (NAS Whiting Field FL), 180FW (Toledo OH), 14FTW (Columbus AFB MS), Phantoms in the Desert (Nevada Statewide Milair), and MCAS Cherry Point NC
• Profiles for the Venezuela Military, Pakistan, and Indian Navies
• A North American DoD Aerial Refueling Profile and Frequencies
• Monitoring Government/Military Aircraft in the VHF Aircraft Band
• Monitoring the Air Route Traffic Control Centers: FAA ARTCC Special Use Frequencies, Atlanta ARTCC
• Profiles for the DoD HFHCS HF Radio Network and various USAF HF ALE networks
• Aircraft Spotting in the Digital Age (ADS-B)
• Military Call Sign Lists
• WWV/WWVH Military Broadcasts
• Monitoring the Weather, the Old Fashion Way

The latest Milcom Files - TSM Milcom edition eBook is available now on Amazon at

All his early MT columns have been published in two eBooks. The first two books in the Milcom Files series cover his columns published in Monitoring Times and are available at Amazon.

Book one of The Milcom Files covers the columns published from 1998 to 2006 and sells for US$5.99 at Book Two in the series covers the period 2007 to 2013 and sells for US$6.99 at

In 2017 Larry joined the Spectrum Monitor writing staff to continue his efforts to chronicle military communications in a new monthly TSM Milcom column.

His first TSM Milcom Archive eBook, the third book of the Milcom Archive series was published at Amazon in May 2019 and is available at for US$4.99.

This third eBook in the series incorporates the first two years of his TSM Milcom columns written from September 2017 to the end of 2018. These Milcom columns documented HF military frequencies (both foreign and U.S.), and VHF/UHF spectrum military frequencies, mostly for U.S. based monitors. This third book in the series has over 200 pages of frequencies, call signs, monitoring tips, and how-to style articles.

Given recent international events and natural disasters, most radio listeners quickly learn that when the world is in crisis the military will usually be the first organization called upon to intervene. It pays to monitor military frequencies when international events heat up. Monitoring the military can offer some of the most productive and rewarding listening you will ever experience using your radio. The good news is you do not have to live close to a military installation to hear these communications. But you do need to learn where and when to tune in military communications.

Mention the words "Monitor the Military" and most radio hobbyists will immediately think of military air shows, military aircraft flybys or a whole host of other activities that can be heard via radio frequencies. There is a big radio frequency spectrum out there to monitor but if you know where to listen, and some cases when to listen, you can eavesdrop on some of the most fascinating radio communications you will ever hear on a scanner or shortwave radio.

If you are interested in monitoring military communications, own a scanner, shortwave radio, or have an Internet connection for web software-defined radio (SDR) monitoring, the Milcom Archive Files are a must reference on your radio shack shelf.

Larry Van Horn N5FPW, has been a radio hobbyist for more than 55 years listening to world events and monitoring military radio communications. He has spent over 33 years documenting activity in the military radio spectrum in his monthly Satellite, Utility World, and Milcom (Military Communications) columns in the pages of Monitoring Times, Satellite Times, and The Spectrum Monitor magazines. During this time, he has published a treasure trove of military communication monitoring information.

This book is being released internationally. Amazon customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia can order the eBook from Amazon websites directly servicing these countries. All other countries can use the regular website.

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